Recruiters on Demand (ROD)

Recruiters on Demand (ROD)

FLEXIBLE RECRUITING SERVICES WITH RECRUITER ON-DEMAND. Whether you have staffing needs of 300 or 30,000+, SOT- Science of Talent Acquisition can provide complete end-to-end recruitment management, or partial cycle recruitment laser focused on critical components of your talent acquisition process. Our Recruiter On-Demand programs provide flexible, on-demand contract recruiting services to support you during challenging periods of your recruitment cycle. Sometimes even the best teams need reinforcement. Recruiter On-Demand gives you the support you need during demanding periods of peak hiring volume, special projects or hard to fill positions. Recruiter On-Demand™ features flexible recruitment teams that quickly extend the reach of an in-house human resources department and may be easily disengaged once you fulfill your business objectives. Flexible and highly scalable, Recruiter On-Demand™ services rival the capabilities and

You could be looking for an extra set of hands to hire high quality talent for a new product launch or maybe you’re just facing more pressure to hire faster, without the resources on staff that you need to do it.

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